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Helge Lien Trio - Live

Helge Lien Trio - Live

Jazz CD

The seven pieces featured here were recorded live in 2004 and 2005, and six of them are Lien originals. On the opening two pieces, the Chopinesque "Putte" and the ethereal "En Ganske Liten Runding," the three musicians exchange roles. Lien outlines a theme; Berg pushes it into a rhythmic module; Aalefjær dresses it with his unorthodox approach, not trying to draw any timekeeping pattern but instead presenting timbral shades and emphases. The performances are measured and unhurried, and the three players respond almost telepathically to each other. "Spiral Circle," with its pretty and romantic theme, tips its hat to Keith Jarrett's mid-1970s European quartet. "De Små Bjørnene" features the trio at its most humorous. The interpretation of Paul Desmond's "Take Five" is quite startling, based on contrasting percussive timbres from Aalefjær that define the piece as rhythm-based texture. Even Lien's playing and articulation of the familiar theme complies with Aalefjær's concept. The concluding piece, "Nav Og Natt," is a soulful ballad. The trio's debut disc, What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? (Curling Legs, 2001), after the Michael Legrand song, posed a challenging question. I know that I will keep my ears wide open for whatever this great trio will do in the future. 

1. Grandfather's Waltz
2. Look For The Silver Lining
3. Chelsea Bridge
4. Little Sunflower
6. Penelope
7. Ida Lupino
8. So In Love
9. Love Song
10. Amapola
11. Sonor
12. To The Little Radio.

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