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Gold Note Favard Anniversary

Tube CD Player Including DAC

Article code: EX-DEMO


The Favard is the best player of the state-of-the-art Diamond Line, featuring top class design in digital and analogue stage but even one of the most massive power supply available for a CD player unit.  The Favard needs 160hours handmade skillful work to be produced and features more than 100mt point by point soldered wires.  All meticulously selected parts are hand assembled & checked to offer the greatest audio experience. The transport mechanism is of the drawer type made of aluminium it enables the smoothest possible rotational stability reducing the speed fluctuation as well. Two automatic recharged batteries, eight linear transformers and four inductors with four tubes power supply power the Favard. The two batteries drive the input and the analogue stage of the unit to achieve the best noiseless audio purity, while the eight linear transformers and the four inductors with four tubes power the Class-A tube output stage. Besides the inductive power supply drives all the digital stages and the mechanic transport guaranteeing perfect stability control. The very high mass chassis is also able to control the energy of vibration feedback featuring a high-class cosmetic solution match perfectly the Demidoff amplifiers as well. The Favard is available in a variety of options being a digital transport player only but being even offered as a full equipped unit featuring DAC solution with four coaxial digital inputs and 1 USB 24/192 High Speed asynchronous port conveniently converts the signal of any other digital source offering best audio connectivity. Besides the Favard can optionally acts as stereo input preamplifier featuring a top class volume control having single resistor on the audio signal path having one stereo RCA input. The extended use of the superior class components such as high quality capacitors and resistors redefine new standards in the digital players world market.

- Battery Inductive Multiple Power supply with tube
- XLR Balanced Output
- RCA coax.dig. output
- 12 Tubes
- 10 transformers 4 of which inductors
- Double 6A batteries

Audio Outputs
- Frequency Response: 20hz – 20khz, +/-0.3db
- Thd (Total Harmonic Distortion)
- Ratio Signal To Noise : -120db
- Dynamic Response: 127db
- Analogue Output: Stereo Rca And Xlr Balanced
- Line Output Level (Fixed): 2.5v Rca – 5v XLR Balanced Rms
- Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
- Phase Response: Linear Phase, Absolute Phase Inverted
- Digital Output: S/Pdif, 75 Ohm Rca 24bit
- Digital Filter: Proprietary Zero-Clock
- Speed Fluctuation: 0.0001%
- Volume Control: High Quality Single Resistor Pga With Encoder Control

- Remote Infra-Red: Rc5 Proprietary Code Variable

- Cd Formats: Red Book
- Disc Compatibility: Cd, Cd-R, Cd-Rw, Mp3

- Mains Supply: 100v ? 115v ? 230v ? 50 Or 60hz (Depending On Market Destination Not Convertible)
- Special: Battery And Inductive Massive Power Supply
- Power Consumption: 100watt

- Dimensions: 460mm L X 245mm H X 450mm D
- Weight: 30 Kilos (66lbs.)

- Front Panel: Brushed Black & Silver Anodised Aluminium
- Case: Black Powder Coated

- ATOMIC MASTER CLOCK = Ultra precise – sealed– battery powered – temperature controlled oscillator
- DAC = 4 RCA Coaxial digital input – 1 USB 24/192 port asynchronous

15900.00 € 9540.00