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Gold Note Phono Cable Extra

1,5m pair Interconnect Silver/Copper Hybrid Cable


The Phono Cable Extra features Hybrid design Silver & Copper multi conductors cryogenically treated and fitted in a Gold Note proprietary design geometry using sealed Elastollan air tube filled with mineral oil working as dielectric, that also damps the conductor’s energy vibration. The Phono Cable Extra also features a genuine balanced design and custom made rhodium treated connectors directly plated on a layer of 99,999999% pure silver only completely Nickel free to achieve the best conductivity. The Phono Cable Extra enables first class performance and superior audio purity for a lifetime of listening pleasure. Please Note: to preserve the uniqueness all Gold Note Phono Cables have the serial number indelibly printed on the cable jacket.

- Typology: Phono cable
- Construction: Gold Note separate insulated geometry
- Conductors: pure silver&copper Gold Note conductors 2x18AWG each
- Insulation: Elastollan® pipe wet in mineral, separate conductors
- Capacitance: 19pF/mt
- Inductance: 0.6μH
- Resistance: 0.0001ohm
- Shield: double jacket extra string shielding structure

- RCA: nickel free rhodium purified treatment
- XLR: nickel free rhodium purified treatment
- DIN: 4poles + Ground nickel free rhodium purified treatment

- Flexibility: medium-low
- Admitted bending: low
- Cable diameter: 12mm

€ 1750.00