EAT Tube KT88 Diamond
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EAT Tube KT88 Diamond - 1 piece

Tube KT88

EAT Tube KT88 Diamond - 1 piece
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The EAT KT88 has an designed maximum anode dissipation rating of 35W and is recommended for use in the output stage of an a.f. amplifier. Two valves in class AB1 give a continuous output of up to 100W. The KT88 is also suitable for use as a series valve in stabilized power supply.
Valve Type KT88 DIAMOND
Size - included socket: 5.2 × 12.5 cm

CHARACTERISTICS Plate dissipation ( Max.) 35 W
Grid dissipation ( Max.) 6 W
Cooling radiation
Heater: Voltage 6.3 V
Heater: Current 1.6 A

- Pro piece
- Two pieces, matched Pair set
- Four pieces, matched Quad set