Highend Novum MKT
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Highend Novum MKT

The MKT is a acoustic resonator placed on speakers or under devices and cables.

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The handmade MKT© (Musical Sound Tripod) improves the sound of any stereo system in a precisely predictable, clearly positive way.

The MKT© offers real added value thanks to its many uses:
- Feet for components (CD players, DA converters, DVD players, pre- and power-amplifiers, integrated amplifiers ...), line filter, power bars, and speakers.
- The acoustic resonator (bowl) of the MKT© can be placed in an elevated position on the walls and / or in the corners of the listening area. There are no set guidelines, but we recommend the placement in approximate ear height on shelves, open cabinets, racks or on the speakers.

Placing the MKT© on soft (absorbing) surfaces will reduce or prevent the effectiveness of the MKT©. We recommend the installation of hardwood or MDF. Even glass or metal materials may work.
How the MKT© Works
It doesn't dampen the resonance device, but rather lends its own "musical" resonance spectrum to the device. The bronze alloy we use is the only material that can produce all of the musically relevant harmonics and coloration. When using the MKT© as acoustic resonator (bowl), the relevant musical overtones are also activated and superimposed on the music. Through the emotional perception, the music is perceived as being sonorous (more harmonics), real, natural and more beautiful. The digital character disappears. The music becomes whole.

- Diameter: 2.75 inch each
- Height: 2 inch
- Color: natural bronze, polished
- Weight: 14 oz. each