Kemp Antenna Cable
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Kemp Antenna Cable - 1mtr

Including Hirschmann plugs

Kemp Antenna Cable - 1mtr
Kemp Antenna Cable - 1mtr
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FM radio as well as analog/digital TV substantially improved
One of the most underestimated cables in audio/video sets certainly is the antenna cable. In case this one is of questionable quality, your tuner, TV or set top box will never unleash its full potential. General opinion is, if no snow is present on the screen, the quality of the cable is sufficient... and if snow is visible, often the cable television company is blamed. However, in most cases the quality of this signal is quite good. You just have to harvest the signal the right way.

- Suitable for radio as well as (digital) TV
- Significantly improves sound and vision
- Impedance exactly 75 Ohm for minimal signal losses
- Good suppression of interference
- Silver plated copper conductors
- Celloflon® insulation
- Terminated with Hirschmann European shielded plugs
- Double layer shielding, comparable with a size of 2 mm²/AWG 14
- Black silk sleeving
- Burnt in for the larger part (± 90%)