Kemp Power Cord HI 1.5M
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Kemp Power Cord HI 1.5M

Power Cord 1.5M EU C19

Kemp Power Cord HI 1.5M
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Has been a bestseller for more than 10 years
Without any doubt, the HI POWER CORD has been one of our long term stayers in our series of power cords. It is so with a reason. Always performing very well, with an excellent price/performance ratio. You can use it in a moderate setup as well as in a more valuable setup. Reviews in audio magazines and experiences from customers all lead into one direction: The HI POWER CORD soundwise performs better than most exotic power cords, of which the prices are particularly 'high end'.

- Diameter just 11mm/0.45" and flexible
- Conductors 5 X 1.5 mm²/AWG 15
- 51 multilitze OFC (Copper) strands per conductor
- Very good suppressing of EMI and RFI
- OFC, to obtain the most natural timbre
- Connectors filled with our unique black sand
- Fully shielded Euro connector