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KR Audio VA320

Stereo tube power amplifier

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The Antares VA320 will continue to outperform the competition and impress the world over! Running in Pure Class A, “The Antares VA320 is the Krell of Tube Land.” 6moons. Whatever kind of music you play on the Antares VA320, this SET Tube Amplifier will keep up regardless, we guarantee this to you. A true dual-mono amplifier with Zero Feedback, built on the same chassis as Kronzilla with its almighty 1610 triode tubes. This VA320, nicknamed as the “Baby Kronzilla”, it’s resolution is simply world class, on the level with that of the best OTL amps. You will hear all of the transient details of the music, it doesn’t stop there, because you can also hear the full harmonic bloom of the instruments. What is more, these elements emerge within a truly natural perspective—they never run over each other and smear the sound. This amplifier delivers all the speed, resolution, dynamic energy and bass control of the best solid state amplifiers, but retains the tonal and spatial sweet sound of a world class tube amplifier.

- Single-Ended Tube Amplifier - Pure Class A, Zero Feedback
- Output Tubes 2 x KR 842VHD
- Output Power 2 x 20 Watts RMS (THD=3%)
- Bandwidth 20 Hz-20 kHz (-3dB)
- Output Impedance 4, 8 Ohms
- Input 1V RMS / 47k Ohms at 20 W
- Dimensions (w/h/d) 38.5 x 25.5 x 55 cm (approx)
- Weight Approx. 38kg (approx)