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High Resolution Digital-to-Analog Converter

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M2Tech Young
M2Tech Young
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What you have is a first-rate digital-to-analog converter with many unique features conceived to obtain the best audio performance out of a music file. Even if getting music out of a PC or a Mac is nowadays quite simple, much harder is to obtain the best sonic performance from it, due to intrinsic limits in USB 1.1 audio standard
and the implementation of digital audio interfaces in computers. Please visit M2Tech website (www.m2tech.biz) to find extensive literature about this topic. YOUNG overcomes all the limits of usual USB digital-to-analog converters by implementing the latest generation hiFace technology, which uses proprietary drivers and asynchronous data transfer, along with a sophisticated electronic design. YOUNG features a comprehensive set of input connections which suit virtually all digital sources around. We feel that your expectations will be fulfilled by YOUNG: you’ll hear your CD’s, DVD’s and music files in a way like never before, prepare for a whole new experience!

- Sampling frequencies: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4*, 192*, 352.8**, 384kHz**
- Resolution: 16 to 32 bits***
- USB: 2.0 high speed
- Clock precision: +/-10ppm 0 to 60°C, 2ppm typical @ 25°C
- S/PDIF input sensitivity: 0.5Vpp +/-0.1V
- S/PDIF input impedance: 75 Ohms
- AES/EBU input sensitivity: 2Vpp +/- 0.5V
- AES/EBU input impedance: 110 Ohms
- S/PDIF and AES/EBU inputs bit-rate up to 24.576Mbps (up to 192kHz sampling frequency)
- Toslink™ input bit-rate: up to 15Mbps (up to 96kHz sampling frequency)
- Analog output voltage: 2.65Vrms @ 0dBFS
- THD+N: 0.0003% (1kHz @ 0dBFS, 0-22kHz)
- S/N ratio: 122dB (A-weighted)
- Minimal requirements: 1.3GHz CPU clock, 1GB RAM, 2.0 USB port
- Supply voltage: 15VDC (18VDC max peak)
- Power consumption: 240mA @ 15V (no output loaded)
- Size: 200x50x200mm (w x h x d, cabinet) 200x55x210mm (w x h x d, with connectors and feet) 360x120x260mm (w x h x d, box)
- Weight: 1.7kg (DAC only) 2.5kg (box)

* all inputs except Toslink™. Depending on the fiber used and the transmitter’s power, 176kHz and 192kHz may be achieved with Toslink™, too, but this feature is not guaranteed.
** USB input only.
*** 32 bits are accepted on USB input only.