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Music First Audio Classic

Passive Magnetic Preamplifier

Music First Audio Classic
Music First Audio Classic
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A high performance transformer based magnetic volume control. It features two highly acclaimed attenuating transformers and Swiss made ELMA switches point-to-point hand wired into a custom case. It changes output level via passive control in multiple steps to control the volume of high fidelity audio. This passive control unit, by applying transformer technology, offers a material improvement over all previous such schemes based around resistive attenuation. The concept of passive control units replacing active line preamplifiers has existed for some time. Conventional passive preamplifiers have relied on resistive networks selected with a switch or rotary variable resistors. The fundamental problem with this type of device is substantial mismatches of impedance either at the source or the load, coupled with a perceived loss of dynamics.The Music First Audio Passive Magnetic Preamplifier overcomes these problems by using a high quality, custom made, hand wound transformer. This transformer features the largest commercially available 80% nickel Permalloy core for maximum level handling, low distortion and superior sound quality and a heavy duty Mumetal shielding can for protection from external magnetic fields.

This unit sits between source devices (CD player, turntable etc.) and power amplifiers acting as a passive pre-amp.

- 6 inputs (4 x unbalanced, 2 x balanced).
- Balanced or unbalanced outputs.
- A +6db switch means the unit is passive with gain, so low gain amplifiers can be driven to their maximum efficiency by components that otherwise might require active boosting.
- All internal connections use 0.6mm silver coated solid core copper wire with PTFE insulation, point to point hand wired.
- All components are of the highest quality, Neutrik XLR connecters and Swiss made ELMA silver contact rotary switches.
- Each unit is entirely hand constructed and rigorously tested, both mechanically and electrically.
- 3 way grounding switch allows any grounding issues to be addressed easily.
- Transformer isolates components, breaking ground loop problems and reducing noise.  
- Transformer matches impedance between components.
- Transformer affords superior transfer of musical energy.