PS Audio Noise Harvester
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PS Audio Noise Harvester

Converts line noise to light

129.00 Prices include 21% VAT

- Converts line noise to light
- Works at frequencies 10 times lower than any filter
- Dramatically lowers the noise source
- Works throughout the home
- Multiple Harvesters work in parallel
- Use with exisiting power conditioners
- Finish: black

- Lower line noise
- Removes noise not covered by power conditioners
- Cleaner background for audio
- Improved picture for video
- Permanently removes line noise
- Multiple Harvesters work in parallel for greater performance
- Improves performance of any associated power conditioner

Get noise right at the source. The Noise Harvester is the world's only device that actually eliminates line noise from the home's power lines. Filters, Power Plants and conditioners either shuffle the line noise away or provide some isolation for equipment, but they do NOT elminate or remove power line noise. Only the Noise Harvester removes line noise and converts it to another form of energy, light! Give your power conditioner a fighting chance by lowering the noise floor of the power line in the first place.

Option: Kemp US -> EU Adapter
Converts US Plug to European 2 pin plugs (audio cheater plug)