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Rodec MX2200

New DJ mixer in Orignal Box

Rodec MX2200
Rodec MX2200
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New in original factory packaging.
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The MX2200 is the absolute newcomer of the new Rodec "Progressive" series. It is built up in an identical manner as all other Progressive Range models, but with a different approach as to the specific demands of the set-up. This Rodec progressive range raises our sound quality to the highest level of immaculate studio sound.
The core philosophy of solid construction, reliability, modular design and the unique Rodec analogue sound all feature in the progressive range. The Rodec brand stands for the highest quality in audio today, designed and manufactured in Belgium, Europe. High connectivity and sheer performance make the MX2200 the ideal choice for large club installation, festivals, events & sound professionals world wide.

6 Channel 12 1/2” Professional Audio Mixer

5 Multiple input channels with:
- Gain
- Triple tone control +10dB / - 21dB
- Dual wet & dry FX-Assign (World’s First)
- Balance
- PFL (cue)

- Channel 1: Balanced XLR Mic, phono, RCA Line A, digital S/P DIF Line B - USB in (option)
- Channel 2: Balanced XLR Mic, phono, RCA Line A, RCA Line B
- Channel 3: Balanced XLR Mic, phono, RCA Line A, RCA Line B
- Channel 4: Balanced XLR Mic, phono, RCA Line A, RCA Line B
- Channel 5: Balanced XLR Mic, phono, RCA Line A, digital S/P DIF Line B - USB in (option)
- Channel 6: Separate balanced XLR Mic channel with gain, triple tone control, talk-over, pan, PFL and FX insert

- 5 Phono Inputs
- 8 RCA Line Inputs
- 6 Balanced XLR Mic inputs
- 2 Digital S/P DIF Line inputs
- 2 USB inputs (option)

2 Master outputs with dual wet & dry FX-Assign
- Master 1 (Main): RCA and balanced XLR output with mono/stereo mode
- Master 2 (Monitor): Balanced XLR output with mono/stereo mode, Dual tone control (high & low), without DJ Mic

Record Outputs
- 3 RCA record outputs
- 2 S/P DIF digital record output
- 2 USB record output (option)
- + or – DJ Mic

Faders – Crossfader
- All channel & cross fader-functions are micro-processor controlled.
- All faders are easy replaceable by removing the aluminium plate.
- Assignable Crossfader with curve adjust identical to our Rodec Scratchbox.

- 2 Headphones outputs front (DJ) & rear (LJ) both can be used at the same time.
- World’s strongest DJ headphones amplifier.
- Headphones select rotary PFL/SUM.
- Illuminated PFL buttons.

Power supply
- Internal universal switching power suply 90V <> 264V.

Nominal analogue input levels
- Line A asymmetrical (RCA): 500mV / 50k
- Line B asymmetrical (RCA): 500mV / 50k
- Phono asymmetrical (RCA gold plated): 5.2mV / 50k
- Microphone (channel 1 – 5) symmetrical (XLR): 9.1mV / 3.6k
- Microphone symmetrical (XLR or ¼” TRS JACK): 4.2mV / 1.8k
- Effects return (1/4” TRS JACK): 775mV / 10k

Nominal analogue output levels
- Master 1 asymmetrical (RCA): 775mV / 10k
- Master 1 symmetrical (XLR): 1.55V / 600
- Monitor symmetrical (XLR): 1.55V / 600
- Record asymmetrical (RCA): 500mV / 10k
- Effects send asymmetrical (1/4” TRS JACK): 775mV / 10k
- Headphones (1/4” TRS JACK):
- 8 (1kHz – 1%THD) 417mW (1.8V) / 1.1W music power
- 32 (1kHz – 1%THD) 1.0W (5.7V) / 1.7W music power
- 600 (1kHz – 1%THD) 520mW (17.7V) / 0.6W music power

Digital input
- Line B (RCA): S/P DIF IEC 958 type II 32kHz – 192kHz
- USB (optional): 32kHz - 48kHz 16bit

Digital output
- Record (RCA): S/P DIF IEC 958 type II 44.1kHz
- USB (optional): 11.025kHz - 48kHz 16bit

Music equalizer
- Low: +10dB / -21dB at 100Hz
- Mid: +10dB / -21dB at 1kHz
- High: +10dB / -21dB at 10kHz

Microphone equalizer
- Low: +12dB / -12dB at 100Hz
- Mid: +12dB / -12dB at 1kHz
- High: +12dB / -12dB at 10kHz

Monitor output equalizer
- Low: +12dB / -12dB at 100Hz
- High: +12dB / -12dB at 10kHz

General specifications
- Frequency response: +/- 0.25 dB from 20Hz to 20kHz
- Subsonic filter: -25dB at 10Hz
- Signal headroom: 20.0dB @ 1kHz / THD < 0.05%
- Dynamic range: 103dB
- Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
- Total harmonic distortion: < 0.006%
- Crosstalk left to right of an input channel: >60dB @ 1kHz
- Crosstalk channel to channel: >86dB @ 1kHz
- Power supply voltage: 90VAC – 264VAC
- Power supply frequency: 47Hz – 63Hz
- Power consumption: 45W (On), 68W (Full load), 6W (Stand by)
- Operating temperature: 0°C (32°F) – 40°C (104°F)
- Operating humidity: 5% - 90% (no condensation)

Mechanical specifications
- Frontpanel dimensions (W x D): 320.0mm (12.6”) x 355.0mm (14.0“) (8HE)
- Bottombox dim. (W x D x H): 312.0mm (12.3“) x 343.0mm (13.5“) x 110.0mm (4.3“)
- Panel cut out dimensions (W x D): 316.0mm (12.4“) x 347.0mm (13.7“)
- Packed box dimensions (W x D x H): 410mm (16.2“) x 414mm (16.3“) x 207mm (8.1“)
- Weight: 5.54kg (12.21lbs)
- Packed weight: 6.70kg (14.77lbs)

Service Options:
USB I/O set for progressive series
Optional USB input / output kit to connect the mixing panel to a computer.
The USB connector contains 1 stereo input signal and 1 stereo record output signal.
With this option music can be played from a computer via USB.
Simultaneous the mixed music can be recorded via the computer.
Order code: 94 001 0070

Digital optical channel fader set for progressive series
Users can upgrade their mixing panel with digital faders on the music input channels.
The digital faders replace the standard analogue faders.
Order code: 94 001 0072

Digital optical crossfader set for progressive series
The standard analogue crossfader can be upgraded by a digital optical crossfader.
Order code: 94 001 0073


Standard CROSS FADER for progressive series
Order code: 94 001 0064

Standard mono CHANNEL FADER for progressive series
Order code: 94 001 0078

Standard MIC CHANNEL FADER for progressive series
Order code: 94 001 0079

Standard MASTER CHANNEL FADER for progressive series
Order code: 94 001 0080

Standard rotary knobs set for progressive series
Order code: 94 001 0074

Standard fader knobs set for Progressive series
Order code: 94 001 0041