Shunyata Research Delta Digital XLR 1M
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Shunyata Research Delta Digital XLR 1M

AES/EBU Digital Cable 1M

Shunyata Research Delta Digital XLR 1M
Shunyata Research Delta Digital XLR 1M
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The Delta Series interconnects inherit all of the fine features from the Venom Series including the exotic Ohno copper conductors. Their performance is notably enhanced with advanced fluorocarbon dielectrics, larger VTXTM hollowcore conductors and superior connectors terminated using Shunyata Research’s high-tech sonic-welding process. KPIPTM, or Kinetic Phase Inversion Process, makes its first appearance in the Delta Series. KPIPTM is not just another break-in box; rather, it is a truly advanced process that goes beyond simple burn-in and literally conditions conductors, making time consuming burn-in a thing of the past. KPIPTM dramatically elevates the performance of all products to which it is applied. The combined effects of the features found in Delta Series cables delivers a significant improvement in resolution, clarity and coherency. Delta Series cables may represent the sweet-spot in the Shunyata line-up with an exceptional price-to-performance ratio.

Delta Series AES/EBU features a true balanced, twisted pair design. Braided shielding ensures RFI/EMI immunity. Shunyata Research’s exclusive KPIPTM process eliminates lengthy burn-in issues.
- WIRE Ohno 110 ohm twisted pair, VTXTM geometry, FEP dielectric, braided shielding
- TERMINATION Shunyata XLR, gold pins.