Shunyata Research Alpha NR C15 1,75M
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Shunyata Research Alpha NR C15 1,75M

Noise Reduction Power Cord C15 1,75M

Shunyata Research Alpha NR C15 1,75M
Shunyata Research Alpha NR C15 1,75M
Alpha Power Cable
The Alpha NR and Alpha EF power cables deliver true reference level performance with massive 8-gauge VTXTM conductors and the industry’s finest CopperCONN® power connectors. The Alpha NR model adds measurable noise-reduction through the use of Shunyata’s own CCITM Filter-system, while the ultra-flexible Alpha EF provides world-class performance to components with obstructed power entries. Alpha EF and Alpha NR power-cables possess truly unique technologies, metal-treatments and parts customization that simply does not exist in competitive products — and they accomplish this at surprisingly affordable prices.

Alpha NR
The Alpha NR power cord offers the best price to performance ratio in Shunyata Research’s Noise Reduction series. Eight gauge VTXTM (hollow-core) conductors equipped it to handle the highest-powered amplifiers and yet it is incredibly flexible for use on a small CD player. CopperCONN®, pure copper connectors, are the best in the business. KPIPTM eliminates burn-in issues.

- WIRE: OFE 8 gauge, VTXTM geometry
- TERMINATION: Connectors: C15, C19; Plugs: US, EU, AU, UK and Swiss.