Sonus Faber SF16
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Sonus Faber SF16

"all-in-one", Play-Fi, Deezer, Tidal, Spotify, DLNA, 3-way, 1400W

Sonus Faber SF16
Sonus Faber SF16
Sonus Faber SF16
Sonus Faber SF16
Sonus Faber SF16
Sonus Faber SF16
Sonus Faber SF16
Sonus Faber SF16
Sonus Faber SF16
Sonus Faber SF16
Sonus Faber SF16
Sonus Faber SF16
Sonus Faber SF16
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Sonus faber Sf16, feel the connection...
In 2016, a new chapter of the Sonus faber history has been written  with the re-born of the most pioneering project that marked our history....
Sf16 is the first “all-in-one” integrated audio system that provides 1400W of powerful performances and a truly easy installing mode and usability.
According to the highest tradition of Sonus faber, Sf16 is also an elegant piece of furniture with a deep luxury appeal.

Imagine a complete hi-fi system that can actually “feel” the atmosphere of your music room: if you are relaxing alone, or if there is a huge party going on, Sf16 can modulate its power and expression to transform your place...

A new technology.
Besides the iconic hi-fi sources, Sf16 can offer a totally different music experience: it can easly play music from the immediate digital media sources (Wireless streaming Platforms manageable via PC, smartphone or tablet) and make available a multi-room listening experience. The DTS Play-fi Technology gives the freedom and flexibility to wirelessly play the music on mobile devices over an existing Wi-Fi network. The service is provided thanks to a proper app for Apple, Windows or Android. Sources are…whatever comes to your mind: smartphones and tablets, as well as traditional ones, such as turntables, because the app is 100% connected to the main online streaming services as well as to your personal music library. This technology let up to 8 stereo DTS Play-fi devices to be connected to a single wi-fi network providing playback in 8 separate rooms: it is possible to stream different music to each room from different mobile devices, giving each family member or guest control over what they want to hear in their room!

To obtain a strong bass performance in a small enclosure, we developped a specific 5” unit, ultra long throw design, featuring a lightweight but stiff Aluminum / Magnesium alloy cone.

For the overall accuracy in music reproduction has been reached with the development of “miniature” real hi-end drivers:
- A tiny 2.5” midrange featuring a neodymium magnet system and an Aluminum / Magnesium alloy cone for clarity and sound coherence with the woofer;
- A modified version of the micro 1/2” by Peter Larsen, probably the smallest hi end tweeter ever designed

Sonus faber patents
“Zero vibration technology”, the 2 woofers work axially one to each other and emitting in opposite directions, in a “push push” configuration.
“Sound field shaper”, each channel has 2 midranges and 2 tweeters, half of them front firing and half of them rear firing with the Sound field shaping emission to enhance the sense of depth of the soundstage.
“Stealth reflex system” implemented to further enhance the low frequency extension while reducing the total amount of distortions.

Audio inputs
In order to enhance the device connectivity and use flexibility, besides the DTS Play-fi wireless connection, Sf16 has been also provided with 3 further audio inputs:
- Digital S/pdif coaxial
- Digital Toslink optical
- AUX analogue RCA

- Audio Inputs: 1x AUX (analog RCA), 1x Digital S/pdif coaxial, 1x Digital Toslink optical, 1x Play-Fi Wireless standards 802.11a/b/g/n protocol
- File Formats: MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV
- File Quality: Lossless file reproduction up to 16-bit/44.1kHz (CD Quality) and fullcompatibility with all high-resolution music up to 24bit/192k.Plays all format bitrates [kbps]. DTS Play-Fi transmits hi-resolution filesbut it does a down-sample in order to distribute them throughout yourhome.
- Supported Internet music services: Deezer, KKbox,, Rhapsody, Songza, Tidal, Spotify®, Amazon music,IHearthradio, Pandora, Sirius XM, internet radios.
- Supported media server DLNA: Connectivity Remote control Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
- Loudspeaker System: 3 ways, Sound Field Shaper technology, Bipole/Dipole radiation for enhanced stereo width
- Drivers: 2 5” long throw subwoofers, push-push structure, “zero vibration technology”2 satellite Front/Back with 4 ceramic 2” Midrange + 4 5/8’’ tweeter point source silk dome
- Amplification: 1400 W total, 4 Ω
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 230 x 640 x 415 mm (closed), 262 x 1080 x 415 mm (open)
- Weight: 25 Kg
- A.C. Mains voltage: 100V, 115V, 230V, 50/60 Hz
- Power consumption: Typical use 30W, Stand-by: <0,5W