Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo III High
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Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo III High

High Output MC Cartridge

Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo III High
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The evolution of the ever-popular Blue Point Special, the EVO III raises the performance bar even higher at this highly competitive price point. Its tonal balance is remarkably smooth, exhibiting a fundamental richness and overall warmth without sacrificing musical detail and resolution. Sound stage focus and channel separation are exemplary, as is the cartridges’ ability to maintain a coherent consistency that reproduces music as a perceptual whole. High-output moving coil design with 2.5-mV output. Chemically coated aluminum cantilever with 0.3mm x 0.7mm elliptical stylus. Ultra low-resonance open generator design. Resonance controlled mounting system provides the lowest mechanical impedance. Highly compatible with most modern tonearms.

- Frequency Response 12Hz-50KHz
- Output Voltage/Channel  2.5mV
- Channel Separation 35dB
- Channel Balance  0.5dB
- Compliance (x10-6 cm/dyne) 12
- Stylus Size/Shape  .3x.7/Elliptical
- Load Impedance  47k Ohms
- Tracking Force Range  1.7-2.1 grams
- Recommended Force  2.0 grams
- Cartridge Weight  9.0 grams