Totem Kin 2.1 Package2
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Totem Kin 2.1 Package2

1 pair Kin Mini + Kin Sub

Totem Kin 2.1 Package2
Totem Kin 2.1 Package2
Totem Kin 2.1 Package2
Totem Kin 2.1 Package2
Totem Kin 2.1 Package2
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2x KIN Mini Monitor

Small and beautiful
With more than a quarter century of innovative compact loudspeaker design, Totem has just culminated in a superb, flexible and totally revolutionary KIN Mini. Super tuned for gigantic imaging with crosshair precision, it will enthrall you like no other speaker on the market today. The new KIN Mini ultra-compact unit provides a sonic landscape that is so large, so precise, so articulate and so musically in-phase that listening standards might have to be redefined. Along with its ability to be placed anywhere, in any position, at any height or location, even hidden in a recess area, the KIN MINI delivers its total immersive musical capability with total accuracy.

Design features
- Advanced design for simplicity of usage
- Small footprint for easy placement
- Ultra-flexible positioning for optimal sound-effect
- Available in white or black satin

Technical features
- Phenolic honeycomb woofers
- Soft dome tweeter
- Magnetic grill
- 4 super-absorbent feet

- Break-in time: 50 - 75 hours
- Placement from rear wall: 3” - 5' / (8 cm - 152 cm)
- Placement distance apart: 2' - 15' / (60 - 460 cm)
- Frequency Response: 90 Hz - 40 kHz ± 3 dB (with proper room positioning)
- With Kin Sub: 29 Hz - 40 kHz ±
- Impedance: 8 ohms
- Sensitivity: 88 dB/W/m.
- Maximum sound pressure: 105 dB (before dynamic compression)
- Recommended Power: 20 - 110 W
- Crossover frequency: 3.2 kHz electrical and mechanical (Only 2 extreme quality parts with no resistors)
- Woofer: 4” / 105 mm / Phenolic Honeycomb in synthetic sandwich
- Tweeter: 75” / 19 mm / Soft Dome
- Dimensions (w x h x d): Irregular cabinet design
- Largest DIMS: 5 x 8 7/8 (with supplied feet) x 5” / (126 x 226 x 146 mm)
- Internal volume: 1.5 l (internal)
- Weight: 2.15 kg (approx. 4.75 lbs)

1x KIN Sub Subwoofer

Expressive power
Totem’s KIN SUB provides a magnetically responsive and musically pleasing foundation wherever bass support is desired. Articulate and precise across a full range of frequencies, it is clear and coherent in all  applications. In such a small package its dynamic capabilities are truly remarkable. The thightly sealed cabinet further expands placement potential. Packed into an ultra small footprint, the KIN SUB’s refined technology comes on strong with hefty performance and scale. In nearly all scenarios it’s ideally suited for discreet bass augmentation. Already flexible for use across a wide range of adaptations, the angled front face enhances options either for small scale desktop duty or full scale in room support.

Design features
- Fully sealed casing for any conceivable placement
- ½ Cubic foot in volume
- Exquisite cabinet design and finish (satin white or satin black)
- Sturdy anti-skid aluminum feet included
- Magnetic grill

Technical features
- Full 8-inch carbon fiber cone
- Extreme performance driver
- Full phase (0-180) adjustability
- Extended frequency ability
- Outstanding dynamic performance and bass extension (-3 dB - 29 Hz)
- Hi/low pass audio connections for full flexibility
- Crossover bypass

- Frequency response: 29-200 Hz (in-room)
- Driver: 8 inch Carbon Fiber Cone Rigid, Non-Flexing
- Chassis: Sealed
- Dimensions (w x h x d): 9.5 X 11.25 X 11.5 (W,D,H) / <br> 240mm X 285mm X 292mm
- Amplification: 150 watt