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Acoustic Revive RHB20

under board support

Acoustic Revive RHB-20
An essential accessory. The RHB-20 produces vivid and life like music like no other under board support. Hickory has a very tough restitution. It is used for the manufacture of drumsticks etc and has been proven to be a very rare and acoustically superior wood. It does not introduce changes in tone and has a flat frequency balance. This leads to organic, natural and vivid sound. Our under-board made from the Hickory is the RHB-20 which does not create any side-effects in the sound quality. It does create a sound reproduction with a deep bass and a clear, fresh presentation.A 20mm thickness is optimum and suitable for insertion into commercial audio racks. This eliminates the introduction of unwanted side effects which can influence the sound. It is also possible to use the RHB-20 in combination with other audio boards to improve performance, resulting in a well balanced and open sound, free from negative colorations. Hickory has a superb effect on the musical tonality.

€ 299.00