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We are changing our demo-equipment on regular basis to protect our investments and to present our customers the latest equipment in our showroom.
Generally we just replace it with te same model.
Take a look and profit of our offers, you don't wanna miss a bargain!

- products are in optical and technical mint condition or otherwise described.
- products are delivered in the original factory (open) boxes if still available.
- products comes with the same warranty as new products, that means a two year warranty.
- the warranty applies to defective parts and working hours.
- the warranty is carry-in;
- the transports from the Customer to us or to the manufacturer are not covered by warranty.
- the return transports from us or the manufacturer to the Customer are not covered by warranty.
- import and export taxes are not covered by warranty.
- country-dependent taxes imposed by customs or local authorities are not covered by warranty.
- a product that breaks down does not entitle you to a refund.
- you can always count on us to repair any future defects
- we will continue to support you on simple demand
- this as long as the manufacturer exists and we can rely on the manufacturer support and the replacement parts