02/07/2022 IFI AUDIO
IFi Audio products checked/updated.

02/07/2022 TECHNICS
After 2year waiting finally back in stock, the Technics Turntables SL1500C SIlver and Black.

02/07/2022 WATTSON AUDIO
Wattson Audio streaming products checked/updated.
Wonderfull sounding streamer in combination with Roon.

02/07/2022 LEJONKLOU
Lejonklou products and prices checked/updated.
Building the best HiFi is like building a musical instrument.

01/07/2022 ORTOFON
Ortofon phono cartridges checked/updated.

30/06/2022 FERRUM AUDIO
Promo on Ferrum Audio bundles.

Cambridge Audio products and prices checked/updated.
Give you the best possible sound, at the fairest possible price.

28/06/2022 ETI RESEARCH
ETI Research products and prices checked/updated.
The most superb audio quality available connectrors.

Ruper Neve Designs products and prices checked/updated.
Wonderfull price/performance Studio Precision Headphone Amplifier.

Acustica Applicata products and prices checked/updated.
Precious acoustic treatment for your listening room.

27/06/2022 FLUX HIFI
Flux Hifi products and prices checked/updated.
Keep your Needle and Records clean.

27/06/2022 REVO
Revo products and prices checked/updated.
The ultimate music system for every room.

26/06/2022 YTER
Yter products and prices checked/updated.
Franco Serblin's single conductors in Silver(Ag)-Palladium(Pd) alloy.

25/06/2022 REL ACOUSTICS
Rel products and prices checked/updated.
We make subwoofers. That's it. Nothing else.

24/06/2022 LEBEN
Leben products and prices checked/updated.
The Integrated Tube Amplifiers, CS300F, CS300XS, CS600X are stock items.
Notwithstanding the delivery term is currently 10 months we do our best to keep these products in stock at all times!

23/06/2022 SHELTER
Shelter cartridges and prices checked/updated.

22/06/2022 MCINTOSH
McIntosh products and prices checked/updated.

Benz Micro Ruby SHR Gullwing and Benz Micro LP-S cartridges are the only two cartridges that are available.
The other cartridges are already 2 year not available due to a shortage of parts to build them.

20/06/2022 SKYANALOG
The Movng Coil Cartridges from the manufacturer Skyanalog added.
The P1, P2 and G1 cartridges are in stock.

19/06/2022 KANEXPRO
Professional A/V connectivity products added.
For example, extract audio out a HDMI signal.

18/06/2022 MOON
Moon products and prices checked/updated.

17/06/2022 VTL
Prices are still from 2019 but a new pricelist is expected.
In the meantime you can order at the pricelist 2019.
In stock are the Phono Preamplifier VTL TP-2.5i II and the Integrated Tube Amplifier VTL IT-85.

16/06/2022 FERRUM AUDIO
Ferrum Audio is offering the best Hybrid Power System for your device that is now using a simple power adapter.
Better power, better result.
Product line and prices checked/updated.

15/06/2022 MCINTOSH
McIntosch introduces the MR89 FM Tuner and confirms that FM is far from dead and has a nice place next to streaming services.
The McIntosh MR78 from the 1970s is considered by many to be one of the best – if not the best – tuners ever made.
The MR89 AM/FM Tuner carries on with this tradition of tuner excellence by letting you enjoy the abundance of free music streaming over invisible airwaves.

14/06/2022 PHASEMATION
The Japanese brand Phasemation added.
Wonderfull Phono Cartridges and Amplifiers.

Eric Clapton Unplugged is arrived, get your copy.
180g 45RPM 2LP Box Set, Limited to 10.000 copies worldwide.

12/06/2022 MCINTOSH
The McIntosh Bluetooth Tranceiver MB20 is back in stock.
Can be used as transmitter or receiver.
You want to stream from your ipad, iphone, music, movies,....Netflix, YouTube, etc... to your audio set, this is the device you need.
You want to stream from your audioset to your Bluetooth headphone, this is the device you need.

11/06/2022 AURENDER
Due to the increased prices of materials, transportation costs and the strong US dollar against the Euro, we have to raise the prices of the Aurender streamers.
However we have decided not to implement this price increase until 01/08/2022. So you can benefit from the current lower prices till 29/07/2022.

Wonderfull wines from the Organic Farm located in Italy, region Piemonte, village Monforte d’Alba.
This week we received the new Langhe Rosato, very nice Rosé for lunch or an apéro on a sunny day.
This great producer has also one nice white wine and various beautiful red wines based on Barbera or Nebbiolo grapes.
All wines from Cantina Josetta Safirio created by Sare Vezza are in stock.

10/06/2022 EAR
The announced price increase has been implemented, prices are up-to-date.
We do our best to keep all Ear products on stock but it's not easy because the production time is 6 months.
Products with availability 1 DAY are in stock in our warehouse for immediate delivery.
Products with availability 6 MONTHS are in backorder at the Ear factory and are expected within 1 till 6 months.

10/06/2022 SILTECH
If you have a Siltech cable on your wishlist, it's now the time to order it.
We have received a new Siltech pricelist that will take effect from 01/07/2022 and prices go up with 10%.
We can take Siltech orders at the old prices until 29/06/2022.

We are very happy to report that in the month of May 2022 we received 83,882 visitors in our webshop.
Of which 64,266 unique visitors and 19,616 visitors who have visited our shop several times.
I would like to thank "you all" for the trust in our products and services.
Enjoy the Music!

08/06/2022 GIGAWATT
Installing a dedicated Power Cable is the best investment in your music installation.
We recommend the GiGaWatt In-Wall Power Cable LC-Y EVO 3X4 and the G-C16A 2P Circuit Breaker for your electrical cabinet.
These are stock products.

08/06/2022 MCINTOSH
We added the MHA50 Portable Decoding Headphone Amplifier.
The product had to wait for European certiofication and is now available for ordering.

07/06/2022 PRIMALUNA
The magnificent EVO100DAC is back in stock.
Looking for a TubeDac in the 3000€ price range, look no further this is the best choice for this budget and way above.
I have tested it extensively and compared it with many more expensive devices.
Decision made.

06/06/2022 PRIMALUNA
The top Tube Pre/Power Amplifier combination, EVO400P Pré-amplifier and EVO400A Power-amplifier are both in stock.

05/06/2022 PRIMALUNA
All Integrated Tube Amplifiers EVO100, EVO200, EVO300, EVO400 are in stock.
If you’re in the market for an integrated amp in the 3000€ price range, the Evo200 needs to be at the top of your shortlist!
PrimaLuna, Price/Performance/Reliability my best tube amps in the house!

04/06/2022 RODEC
The Rodec frontpanels are back in stock, but at very limited quantity.
All Rodec spareparts, switches, potmeters, knops, connectors, are available at request.
You can also bring your mixer in for a complete inspection and maintenance.

03/06/2022 BLUESOUND
New product HUB added, temporary Promo on the products Node, PowerNode, SoundBar and Subwoofer.

02/06/2022 TECHNICS
Early in the morning, Technics delivered their SACD Players SLG700S, SLG700B after 2 years waiting, back in stock.

01/06/2022 TECHNICS
After 2year waiting we have finally received the Technics Turntables SL1200GR, SL1210GR, SL1200G, SL1210G.
Almost all Technics turntables are now back in stock, in limited quanity.
The SL-1200M7L DJ Turntable 50 Years Anniversary Limited Edition in 7 different colors is sheduled for 09/2022.
You have to pré-order because we only have a very strict quantity available, 2 pieces of each color, we will not get more.

31/05/2022 EAR
The wonderfull Ear 912 Tube Preamplifier is arrived after 4months waiting, we have the black finish in stock.
The Ear MC4 Cartridge Stepup Transformer and the Ear 88PB Phono Preamplifier with 2 inputs are back in stock.
The Ear HP4 Tube Headphone Amplifier is also available from the shelf.
The Ear PhonoBox Black is soldout and backordered, 6months waiting list, order and be patient, it's worth it!
We expect a few units from the Phonobox in Chrome in the coming month.
Ear announced a price increase but not implemented it yet, hurry!

30/05/2022 FYNE AUDIO
The new Fyne Audio Vintage speakers added and ordered, we expect the first deliveries in 09/2022.