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Gooseneck Task Lights & Accessories. Littlite task lamps are available in over 300 configurations ideal for permanent mounting, temporary lighting, portable lighting and any place an adjustable light, compact light, flexible light, gooseneck work light or task light is required. Littlite products are designed and built in the USA. We use sturdy metal components in the critical areas of our products. Our LED products provide the best performance in a small, robust package and are unmatched in light output, color temperature, energy efficiency and versatility.Littlite products aren't just for sound and lighting consoles. Our selection of compact task lights are used as map lights, desk lights, lectern lights, microscope lights, inspection lights, console lights and reading lights.

Our advice, get it beforen, and not after, you ruin your needle in the dark!
The perfect partner to light up your Turntable!

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