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In this Pre-Owned (second-hand) section you can discover products that our Customers wish to sell. Sometimes it concerns almost new devices because some audio enthusiasts are looking for the ultimate sound and simply like to change equipment regularly looking for the holy grail. So here you can make a huge financial advantage and own the device that was otherwise beyond your reach. On the other hand, they are sometimes devices that are no longer in production but are very interesting for the collector of vintage equipment. Are you looking for a specific device let us know your wishlist in advance. We know the history of all our projects over the years, which equipment is where and which Customers are considering upgrading in the future and that before the equipment is already available. Looking for that one specific product? Let us know, we are happy to help you.

- We offer our loyal Customers an audio upgrade path.
- Customers can present their pre-owned equipment on our website for free.
- We are looking for a new owner for your second-hand audio products.
- In this way you can get rid of your audio equipment without any worries.
- No phones, no emails, no strangers in your private home.
- We do not offer devices that are still at the Customer location.
- For a smooth service to a future owner, the device must be in our Showroom.
- The products remain the property of the Customer(Owner) as long as they have not been sold.
- The Owner can request his products back at any time.
- If desired, we can also promote the devices on local second-hand websites.
- When we promote the product the owner can not offer it on other websites.
- No parallel advertisements by different parties.
- Shipping and shipping costs are organized and paid by us but are for the Owners.
- With the pre-owned sales income you can purchase new equipment in our shop.
- We do not cashback to the seller.
- We always deal in consultation with each other and discuss the minimum selling price.
- Our advice, don't dream of a to high second-hand price, a consumer buying second-hand is looking for a bargain.
- The higher the price, the longer it takes, the lower the price, the faster we find a new owner.
- Give your device a second life and make another Music Lover happy with your audio component.
- It's all about the Music, not the hardware;
- Questions, do not hesitate to ask.

- Take a look and profit of our Customers offers, you don't wanna miss a bargain!
- These pre-owned devices are not our company property but the property of a Customer.
- The sale is between you and the Customer, the private individual, the Owner of the product.
- We act on behalf of the Customer, the Owner, to accompany sales, delivery and transportation.
- We check and test these devices optically and technically before advertising and a second time before they leave us.
- We guarantee that these devices work perfectly upon delivery.
- There is no warranty on a pre-owned product.
- You buy it in the working condition it is on the date of receipt.
- If the product does not work upon receipt, report it within 24 hours.
- We do not accept returns and do not make refunds.
- You can always count on us to repair any future defects, we continue to support you on a simple request.
- This as long as the manufacturer exists and we can rely on the manufacturer support and the replacement parts.
- The Customer is aware that if he buys a second-hand device, he will gain a huge financial advantage and/or purchase an older expectional rare vintage device and therefore waive any warranty.
- If you do not agree with these rules, we advise you not to buy vintage equipment but to invest in new products covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
- Questions, do not hesitate to ask.