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Harmonix RF-808Z Million

Tuning Feet /set4

Harmonix RF-808Z Million
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Created for seriously discerning music lovers is a new RF-808Z Million.
It’s MUSIC!、this is what you feel the sound out of the system with RF-808Z Million.
Experience to listen to a new RF-808Z Million, you are going to become dumbstruck.
It is very musical!

The separation of soundstage is exceptional. It is well balanced and natural.
The instruments are so cleared and delineated. Smoothly extended Lower octaves is smoothly extended. The dynamic is impact and very deep.
Voice is so articular and lifelike without nasal, sibilance, metallic character that is so often encountered in systems. RZ-808Z Million is truly serious discerning music lover’s choice.
Suggest in use together with “The Base” TB-0917 music platform enable you enjoy the best sound ever.

- Finish: Selected special wood
- Size: 50mm(W) x 33mm(H)
- Weight limit: Several hundreds kilograms.
- Color: Black and a Set of 4 pcs.