Nordost ECO3
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Nordost ECO3

Static Inhibitor

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ECO 3 is a superb new product from Nordost that treats a problem long ignored in the hi-fi industry; the build up of static charges on the surface of the loudspeaker, signal and power cables. These surface charges can interfere with the signal and introduce background noise into a hi-fi or home theater system. After treating your cables with ECO 3 you will notice music sounds more defined with any harshness removed. ECO 3 is a proprietary formula developed by Nordost but will work with any brand of cable. ECO 3 should be used when installing new cables and be applied about once every two weeks or more frequently depending upon the environment. ECO 3 is also very effective for treating Compact Discs. When applied to the label side of a CD you will notice a large improvement in sound quality, as stray electrical charges that build up on the discs are removed. Eliminating this noise at the source results in a much more detailed and musical performance.